The culture and nature trail

The Gallo-Roman remains

The remains both terrestrial and subaquatic are many and are present in the local museums of Frejus and St Raphaël.

Sacred architecture in Provence

Visit the numerous chapels, abbeys and churches in the region.
- The episcopal group in Frejus (13th century)
- Cistercian abbeys in Thoronet and on the island of St Honorat.
- The sanctuary of Notre Dame des Grâces in Cotignact

The fortified castles

The Middle Ages was the time of castles and forts such as those of La Garde Freinet, Châteaudouble, Bargème and numerous others. The area was also greatly affected by the Knights Templar and their actions against the Moors

Historic dwelling places

You can visit the House of Entrecasteaux and its classical French-style garden (17th century) or the Tuscan garden (16th century) with tufa caves and waterfalls in Villecroze.

Military excursions

The Route Napoleon which links the Alps to the French Riviera crosses the region. You can follow a part of it and you can visit the Navy Museum in Toulon or Artillery Museum in Draguignan.

Artistic excursions

There are many contemporary art exhibition spaces, such as the Fondation Maeght de St Paul de Vence or the Moulin de la Valette du Var.

Verdon Canyon, an exceptional site

'Spectacular trail around the Verdon Canyon, villages of Aiguines, Moustiers Sainte Marie, Lake of Sainte Croix (kayaking, pedalos, etc.)

Observation of the fauna

- Different species of bird in the salt fields in Hyères - The turtle Village in Gonfaron
- Eagles of the Val d’Argens in Vidauban

Hiking trail

- Sports trail from St Cyr sur Mer to Bandol (12 km)
- Underwater and overland trail in the National Park of the island of Port Cros
- Horse trail on the mountain ridge in La Garde Freinet
- Donkey trail around Callas

Wild creeks and beaches

If you are looking for rocky creeks and white strands A red creek is of no interest to anybody. They can be found in Antheor (St Raphaël) or if you prefer the beaches of the island Porquerolles.

Golf course

Not far from the Bastide, there is a very fine 18-hole Golf Course called St Endreol in La Motte.
link : Saint Endréol Golf course

Saint Tropez!

You can finish with a night time stroll along the famous quay of St Tropez.