The gourmet trail


Taste the olive oil in the Moulin à huile in Callas.

Create your own Rosé selection from amongst the wide variety in the local vineyards and participate in a wine harvest festival.


In the mornings, do your vegetable and fruit shopping at the local market in the surrounding villages.

On Thursdays from November to March check out the black pearl of the Var, the truffles in the village of Aups.


Visit the Ice cream Museum in Mazaugues and its ice storage building.



Fans of desserts ? Order a tropezienne in a pastry shop in St Tropez.



At the Lemon Festival in Menton in February, try the lemon zest from one of the floats.




Follow the lambs at the famous transhumance in the month of june.



Participate in a “monster aïoli” village meal in the summer festivals.


Around 6 in the afternoon make an appointment  at the farm La Pastourelle  in the village of Châteaudouble to see the milking of the goats, the sheep and the cows, and taste their cheese products.


Gather the wild figs along the roads during the summer.